Red Lodge Public Schools

Team Expectations

  1. Commit to yourself, your teammates and your coaches
  2. Train smarter not just harder
  3. Have fun!
Over the past couple of years questions always come up about expectations of the athletes and what it means to be committed to yourself, your team and coaches.  An athlete in GOOD STANDING shows dedication and commitment to Red Lodge Cross Country by:
  1. always striving to be a champion and complying with the RLHS Activities Contract/Policy
  2. being to practice on time and prepared (3 tardies = 1 unexcused absence)
  3. having 3 or less unexcused absences from practices per season
    • Excused - doctors appointment, family emergency, athletic scholarship visit (must have invite note from college coach)
  4. competing in all scheduled meets (missing a meet counts as an unexcused absence or excused using the determiners in 3 above)
  5. encouraging of all teammates in a positive manner

Team Purpose

To help each other become champions:  always striving to live a healthy lifestyle, with a positive attitude, dedicated to myself and those around me and PRIDE in not settling for good when "WE" can be great!

Varsity Team

The top seven boys and girls are considered the varsity team.  The top seven can and frequently will change from week to week during the season.  
For the first meet the Varsity Team will be the top seven boys and girls who finish the practice meet with a qualifying time.  The qualifying times are:
Girls   =   Sub 24:00 minutes
Boys   =   Sub 21:00 minutes
The varsity team for the State meet will be the top seven boys and girls who are in GOOD STANDING (plus two alternates for each gender) based on overall performance, attitude and commitment throughout the season.  The head coach will make final judgment for the State meet varsity team.