Red Lodge Public Schools

List of Supplies for

6 ~ 8 grade 2016 ~ 2017


Mrs. Wipplinger ~ Language Arts ~ wide lined notebook paper, composition notebook*,

1 - two pocket folder, yellow, pink and green highlighters, regular size book cover


Mr. Sindelar ~ Math ~ 2 - composition notebooks*,

pencils/erasers, protractor, 1/16" ruler, compass,

TI 30 calculator, notebook paper, jumbo book cover        


Mrs. Gilbertson ~ Social Studies ~ highlighters **,

colored pencils **, lots of markers **, notebook,

glue sticks (4) **, pencils, erasers, composition

notebook, book cover (6th grade regular size,

7/8 jumbo covers), two pocket folder


Mrs. Nell ~ Science ~ composition notebook*,

pencils & erasers, spiral notebook or notebook

paper, glue sticks (2)**, jumbo book cover


Mrs. Bremer ~ Writing ~ three ring binder,

notebook paper, dividers, 6th grade composition



Mrs. Eichelberger ~ Health Enhancement ~ paper,

pencil, clean bottom need not be new shoes, gym

shorts, t-shirt, socks, deodorant


Mrs. Nelms ~ Tech ~ flash drive – on a lanyard

or a wrist band flash drive, 2 pocket folder


Mrs. Henry/Mr. Clinton ~ Language Exploration/

7/8 Spanish ~ 1 – 1” 3 ring binder ~ can be used

for both classes, paper and pencil(s)


Ms. Coutts ~ Band ~ MUST HAVE A pencil, 3 reeds, cleaning kit for

your instrument.  Percussion will need to buy their own sticks & mallets.

Ms. Coutts will have some reed for sale

There’s a limited number of band instruments for rental.  There will be an opportunity to meet with

Eckroth Music, or stop and see them over the summer regarding rentals. 


Extra Pencils and Pencil top erasers.


Book covers (cloth lasts longer) most middle school classroom books need the jumbo or x-large book covers.  See individual subjects for size.


Locker Shelf ~ A plastic one that expands with the turn knob underneath or a metal coated one with legs.


Combination Locks are purchased from the office.   Price is $6.00.  At the end of the year 8th graders will receive a refund.

Students may not have personal locks on their lockers.


The same flash drive that is purchased for technology can be used for their narratives that they do for Student Led ~ Parent Teacher Conferences~ 2 gb flash drive – on a lanyard or a wrist band flash drive with their name on it.


Each student is given a planner on the first day of school.  If they lose their planner they may buy one from the office.  Replacement cost is $3.00.


*(This is not a spiral notebook.  Stiff cover with non-removable pages.)        


** These items will be left in their classrooms so they will be available.


*** It is most helpful if your student would have a locker shelf ~ either the plastic coated one with legs or the plastic one with the knob that turns underneath it. 


Please remember to mark all of your items with your name.


Last Modified on August 11, 2016