Red Lodge Public Schools

Hi everyone. Welcome to Mr. Sindelar's Middle School Math Page for Roosevelt Middle School in Red Lodge, Montana.

Over on the left hand side you will find that my website is divided into three grades: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. If you click directly on a grade, you will be taken to where I will post weekly lesson plans, notes, homework and additional math resources. To the left of each grade will be a plus or minus sign to expand or collapse a link to the class syllabus and a link that shows the yearlong unit plan summary. That document was created by previous math teacher Mr. Korczyk. It also aligns the Engage New York curriculum with the related chapters in the textbook. Here's how it works:


  • If a student is struggling to understand a concept or needs additional clarification they can open up this document. Below each Engage New York Unit will be the standards addressed in addition to the chapter and sections in the book that corresponds with what they are learning. For example, your in seventh grade and you're having a hard time understanding rational numbers found in unit 2 of Engage New York. You can open this document, find the "Rational Numbers Unit," under rational numbers you will see 3:1. This means Chapter 3 Lesson 1 in the book. 


I highly recommend Khan Academy as an additional resource. There are great videos and practice problems for every topic that will be covered.

If you have additional questions please contact me through the school email.